Workshop for fresh water-related projects on 19th March 2024 in Brussels.

Fresh Water Related projects

Clustering event to showcase demo sites of the EU projects

BIOEAST Iniative is organising a clustering workshop for fresh water related projects in Brussels on 19th March 2024 to show the importance the fresh water related issue, deepen collaboration among projects and initiatives, support the involvement of policy makers in scaling up activities.


Fresh water is important for the BIOEAST countries as the production lines have been built based on fresh water, the implementation is however facing a lot of challenges as there are several ministries and entities engaged. The BIOEAST Initiative and its Thematic Working Group Fresh Water Based Bioeconomy wants to further enhance the discussion, engage wide range of relevant stakeholders and cluster fresh water related projects to support implementation of the EU Mission, engage public administration, citizens societies and businesses. by organising a clustering event in Brussels using the same format as the very successful Project2Project Event.

The main aim is to connect fresh water related projects, build bridges between experts in the fresh water related topics, enhance common effort is engaging stakeholders, shared experience, and challenges in the replicability of project results, join forces in the open calls.  The event is targeted to project coordinators and teams developing international projects financed by the Danube Lighthouse of the EU Water Mission, by the Water4All partnership, INTERREG Danube and national programmer and organizations from the BIOEAST macro-region to support their involvement in the international collaboration.

The main goals of this envisaged event are:

  • discuss synergies among projects and act as brokerage event to facilitate networking between project partners.
  • discuss collaboration and common approach to stakeholder engagement activities
  • highlight the importance of freshwater topics and support the involvement of policy makers in replication and scaling up of the project results

The meeting will focus on 4 thematic and 3 horizontal topics.

Clustering workshop follows the pathway launched on the High Level Conference Involving the BIOEAST Iniatiatve into the Implementation of the EU Mission: To Restore Our Oceans and Waters by 2030 organised during the Czech EU Presidency in Prague in December 2022 by the BIOEAST Initiative.

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19/3/2024 - Fresh Water Related projects

Clustering event to showcase demo sites of the EU projects

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